Advertising audit service for SMEs

Curious if your current advertising performance efficiency can be improved? You are in the right place.

While leading advertising for large and small businesses for decades, I have found that advertising audits mean different things to different businesses. So, we are particularly interested in helping SMEs improve their advertising effectiveness at Mister Marketeer, no questions asked.

Why not Corporations or MNCs? Find my answer to it here.

Scope of our advertising audit service:

The scope of our audit service may cover one or more of the following segments.

    1. Advertising strategy Audit

      We will evaluate whether your business objectives align with your marketing goals and whether the execution of your advertising matches your strategy. These types of audits typically settle alignment gaps in your business. You may need to consider telling us about your brand positioning, your core target audience, and your defined competitive environment.

    2. Advertising campaign analysis

      We get down to the nuts and bolts here by analysing your current and past advertising performance. Our objective is to determine whether your reach, engagement, conversion metrics and ROI follow a framework where they are well-measured and show growth or decline. We will review your messaging, creatives and customer journeys to provide you with a holistic view of improvements that can be done (by you, your team or your agency).

    3. Advertising transparency reviews

      We have found SME businesses completely blind to the implementation side of their ads. They were unaware of who was targeted, where, and how. They could not retrieve the data because they could not access ad platforms. Often, this was because of their current contractual obligations with agencies.

    4. Internal advertising capability review

      In both startups and scaleups, we found that internal DNA, structure, staffing and belief systems create capability gaps that imply a loss of both time and money. We will cover these aspects should the client wish to do so.

    5. Advertising processes reviews

      Every department needs to have a standard set of processes such that the entire organisation follows a systematic approach to execute and scale. Why should advertising be different?

So, where do you start?

For Startups with seed funding or more:

      • Start with a strategy audit on advertising..
      • For SMEs: we have found advertising campaign audits to be more impactful.

Process and Fees

Contact us with information on your business website, your name, and your designation. We will give you an hour of free consultation. This one hour is often enough for us to give you actionable insight to apply. We request a re-engagement for a formal and more lengthy discussion once results from these insights are available.

Our audit services are costed with considerations made for our time and scope. These fees may range from $50 to $250 per billable hour.

NDA requirements
We recommend NDAs to enable, facilitate and share data confidently and with full confidentiality.

What do you get

      1. Clear, actionable steps to improve your advertising
      2. Estimated improvement metrics provided for your businesses based on our industry experience.

We provide our clients with exceptional, customizable, and personalised tips you won’t find on the internet or social media. Contact us to receive yours.

Audit service for MNCs and Corporations

Bigger brands with larger budgets have far more audit needs, such as

  1. Brand safety, ad fraud, impression, and click tracking to ensure that the ad actually ran and an actual user clicked on your ad.
  2. Vendor and supplier analysis is used to review the accuracy and markups on pricing, handling of media vendors for kickbacks, inventory quality, and compliance with several advertiser criteria.

Many of the brands that do these kinds of audits are publicly listed firms, and it’s an overkill for SMEs.