Divya Dubey

Content Strategist and Copywriter

Divya is an India-based Content Strategist and Copywriter with a diverse experience of over 11 years in Marketing, Account Management and Advertising.

She comes with diverse experience in account management, starting from big names such as Cadbury’s, Sunsilk, Hamley’s, and Ferraro Rocher. She has trained many young minds in the field of marketing and advertising.

She has worked as a Marketing Manager with some of the great institutions in India, such as Great Lakes Institute Of Management and Footprints Childcare.

She started working as a Freelancer for business niches such as Edu-Tech, DevOps, Finance, and MarTech to pursue her passion for writing.

She has co-authored a non-fiction book, “The Space Opera”. Divya is a proud Mister Marketeer who loves to follow processes and build an unwavering path to progress.