Krishna Agarwal

Director | Chief Marketeer

Krishna is passionate about marketing in general and his forte is in technical aspects of advertising. He has served under stewardship of some of the best performance marketing people in companies such as GroupM and Dentsu, and made him grounded on best practices across several industry verticals. He can do almost any digital advertising channel and buy traditional media across the globe via Mister Marketeer and collaborators. He believes that measurement capability is a basic requirement for every marketeer and that’s his secondary forte. He has lead marketing teams and that gave him a T shaped experience with great understanding of organic, creative, content, and marketing automation. He enjoys working in turn-around and scale scenarios where he brings in his team to move revenue for his clients.

He loves to serve and collaborate with like-minded business partners and bring in a network that can solve a variety of problems globally. He is an active member of several networking organizations, including BNI. He is currently working on bringing in fabulous quality services to the market via Mister Marketeer. At Mister Marketeer, he actively plays the role of consultant, campaign manager, operation leader, and talent manager among others.