Bespoke marketing consultation for startups and SMEs

The objective of our marketing campaign

We seek great clients to work with and are offering consultation. We aim to review your marketing data and operations to provide exact recommendations within 7 days of receiving specific information.

Why is it offered free?

Edited on 28th July 2021. I believe that most digital advertising work has to be based on data and facts. This campaign for consultation started on May and I ran it for 30 days using LinkedIn and Google Ads. The messaging was $1k worth of consultation or $188 or free as an offset when someone actually sign up with us. That campaign went bust from an acquisition perspective, but not all went to waste. We were able to figure out the costs of advertising operations and if my targeting is accurate. Users eventually landed and spent time to conduct partial survey and dropped out. So here’s us repeating our campaigns. It is truly free, all we wish to do is create a growth plan for you, based on your data. Simply click on start consultation to complete the questionnaire.

Old text (Free vs $1k): Some would simply like to check out our recommendations and some others wish to pay. There are others who have asked us to prove our by executing our recommendations, as a discounted trial. Our goal is to find a client and we can find your growth pretty much by your data, and your current structure. So, we are taking away all your monetary and perception concerns. You do not get crap, and you don’t worry about a salesman breathing down on you.

Why should we do this? We have great work ethics and proven our ability to grow business. We are looking for similar clients with similar mindset.

Want more details about our campaign? Read on!

Why start with a consultation?

Generic consultations are exactly what they are – generic and not applicable to anyone in particular. Your challenges are likely unique, and we are specific in our recommendations.

Ultimately, you are here on this page because we know, as a matter of fact, that all marketers aim to grow fast and efficiently. We also understand from our surveys that great service agencies aren’t always available to startups or SMEs with thin budgets. However, in our experience, we find that when we accept the ground realities of budget limitations and work closely with our clients, we create growth. Most of our clients then choose to either operate independently or continue with us, creating revenues for us.

So, read on and help us with the knowledge of your data and operations. Let us write your path of scale and success for you.

A few concerning cases that we solved:

1. On a $1,500 per month client, we found clients investing solely in Instagram stories on an acquisition campaign. The client had read about the importance of stories from the internet. After a review, we did an A/B proving that stories were spending 2x more. The client could use static images (and carousel) ad formats to acquire more customers for his budget.

2. We have seen clients invest $2k—$3k a month in SEM. On investigation, we found that conversion signals were incorrectly triggered and counted. Post consultation, the client’s performance yield improved 2x on the same budget. The client’s agency did not advise them to set up Google Analytics, nor did the client have access to their advertising spend!

And many more (for later).

Process of consultation

  1. A 10-question survey that takes about 2 mins to complete.
  2. An NDA is offered for clients willing to share all their data and structure.
  3. For clients not willing to share data, we ask them for a review method that they are comfortable with.
  4. Client shares data/structure.
  5. The agency reviews and shares actionable recommendations.
  6. Recommendations shared with the client over a meeting (Zoom/in person).
  7. The agency will not pitch for business post-consultation.

We are limiting the consultations to 2 per week to ensure that we can do a great job for each client and stick to our growth DNA.

Consultation eligibility

  1. A registered business UEN in Singapore.
  2. A business email ID.
  3. Ability to make decisions for your business or the marketing team.
  4. Access to your marketing data. You may/may not choose to share.
  5. Willingness and skills to test scientifically. We can do the testing if necessary.

What happens to your data and the information shared with us?

  • Client confidentiality is a given in any business scenario.
  • The data you share is used for your business and is not shared anywhere.
  • We have worked across several sectors and industries, and thus, we can add qualitative inputs based on our experience (data from past activity) that will not be shared either.

Why should you trust us?

  1. We are 100% transparent in our operations. Data, rationale, or logic is explained clearly.
  2. We operate with a growth-driven mindset and ensure operations are based on experience, quality insights, and best practices.
  3. We are so confident that none of our clients have locked in long-term contracts. They simply pause or terminate at any time.

Ready to start your consultation journey?